MBA Assignment Help – Examples for Different Formats

MBA Assignments – Exploring The Different Formats

Case Study

Here comes the first MBA assignment format. Do you know these are pivotal ones in your program? Here, you have to come up with data analysis of real or hypothetical situations within the business world. Also, to write up a case study, you must first identify the problem you will tackle; then, you must develop a thesis statement, conduct research, analyze multiple theories, and then provide your answer backed with relevant evidence. 

For example, suppose you have chosen how a company entered the business world as an MBA topic. Here, you have to determine which company you are talking about, its details, and what possible challenges or benefits your company faces. The length of your case study might depend on your requirements. However, the general word count is 500-1500.

Business Report

Business reports are the second most common MBA Assignment you have to write. Its format is different from the case studies. From exploring a company’s yearly financial report to employee performance reviews, market strategy analysis, etc., you will be asked to write a business report on various topics. 

This format is on the technical side. Here, you have to research and analyze the data deeply. Also, for this, your presentation skills must be top-notch. Here, you have to provide data that is relevant and authentic. 

For example, Suppose you are given a topic of conducting market research on using an Electric Vehicle. You must extensively research the market to see which companies are introducing such vehicles here. Also, you need to see the government policies regarding this, consumer behaviors, etc. and then prepare a business report. 


Here comes the third one. This one does not need any introduction; You have been writing essays since 3rd standard. The only difference is that the word count is a bit lengthy. And the topics have gotten complex. That’s it. 

If we talk about the format of essays, they can vary from reflective essays to what you learned in the course or analyzing the business world. Do you know students sometimes struggle with this? Well, if that is the case with you, too. Then, seek help from the MBA Assignment Writing Service. Even though you know what essays are, here is an example: Your topic is writing a reflective essay on leadership programs. Here, you will discuss what skills you learned, challenges (if any ) and how they influenced your leadership style. 

Business Plan

Next on our list is the Business Plan. While studying for an MBA, you will be tasked to formulate a proper business idea from A to Z of any startup company you choose. In some universities, a final-year project on this is assigned to help you navigate business problems as a newbie. Sometimes, you even have to propose new plans for existing companies. One must understand courses like finance, marketing, supply chain, etc. for crafting up the top-notch business plan. 

Let’s look at an example: Imagine your topic is creating a business plan for a sustainable fashion house you are starting. Here, you must tell your mission, vision, how you will enter the market, product placement, pricing and everything a business needs. 


Here comes the most common on our list of MBA Assignment Format. You guys must be aware of what presentations are. So, we are not going to go into the details of this. In short, here, the format you have to follow is to prepare and deliver in different slides. The topics can range from a company’s market strategies to consumer behavior regarding different ads.

Remember, while making the PPT, your visuals should be attractive yet educational at the same time. Also, always ensure that you have to develop a persuasive narrative while delivering your work.


To conclude, these were some of the MBA assignment formats that, as a business major, you should be aware of. Hopefully, our guide cleared up all your confusion regarding this. Each one of the MBA formats requires different skill sets, presentations and word counts. It all depends on your university’s requirements. So, the next time you are working on any of the formats, take guidance from the blog.

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