UAE: How To Prepare A Resume That Will Land You; Your Dream Job

Active people cannot sit idle for long, most of the students who have loans to pay off also have to do part-time jobs to earn for their expenses. To apply for a job, one needs to have an impressive resume that could grab the attention of the recruiter. Resume writing is a skill that everybody does not possess and needs to hire essay writing services UAE company that could make a resume according to the latest trend in vogue. According to expert recruiters, if you follow the following tips while making your resume you might get the job of your dream.

“Tips To Make A Perfect Resume”

A resume is one of the most important papers, upon which depends on the acceptance or rejection of a job application. When you make a flawless resume you will get the job of your dream but if your resume is full of errors, it will result in nothing but rejection. No matter if you hire essay writing services company or you do it yourself, the following tips may come in handy in making a perfect resume that could lead you to your dream job.

Emphasize Your Future Job More Than Your Past One

According to the latest resume-making trend popular among recruiters, it is more important to highlight your skills that are relevant to the job requirements you are applying for. You should lightly mention your previous job experience and only when you are asked for it. Explaining your past job in detail is not necessary unless it is asked for by the potential employer. You should only enhance the previous job experience and skills that perfectly match the job requirements you are applying to.

Enhance Your Achievements & Results & Not Your Previous Job Responsibilities

Instead of your previous job responsibilities, the recruiters are more interested in knowing your positive impact on the betterment of the last company you worked for. For example, if you handled the social media campaign of the company you worked for what was the result of that campaign, and how many people got converted to loyal customers? So, when making your latest resume highlight your achievements and not work responsibilities.

Numbers Play An Important Role

When you mention the achievements of your last job try to mention them in numbers like the increase in the percentage of visitors to a website turning to loyal customers. If you use quantifiable information about your past job accomplishments, recruiters get impressed easily. If you have been working as a marketing head of a firm and due to your effective campaign a business gets 180,000 new leads you should mention it in your resume for the next job.

It Is Always Better To Make The Key Items Bold

When you make a resume for a job, always make sure to write all the key items in bold font. Most recruiters scan your resume for relevancy before reading it. When the keywords used in the job ad and the ones in your resume match, the recruiter gets attracted to your resume. For example, when you mention your achievements like handling 10 projects with a 100% success rate, you should write it in bold. This way your main successes will be prominent in your resume and will grab the attention of the recruiter more effectively.

Keep In Simple & To The Point

When you write a resume according to the latest trends prevailing in the job market you should try to make your resume simple and precise. You don’t have to mention all your past achievements and mention only those that are directly related to the role being offered in the new job. You can write your relevant achievements in bullet points so that the potential employer can easily get to know your success rate.

Mention Your Technical Skills Too

After the experience and qualifications come the technical skills that you may have. When you write your resume for a new job you should mention the technical skills that you possess. In the industry of today, every type of business is dependent on new technology in one way or the other. If you have ever used software in your last jobs and handled it well, you should mention it in the section on technical skills. If you have more than one technical skills you should mention them in bullet points so that they grab the attention of the recruiter easily.

Move Your Education After The Experience Section

Most of the leading firms need staff that is experienced and knows each detail of the business. If you are an experienced person, you have to mention your experience before the qualification section. If you are applying for a job for the first time but you have acquired your specialization degree from the best college you can mention your qualification after experience as a person with a specialization degree from the best college is as qualified as an experienced person.

Refresh It Often

Do not use the same resume for a long time. When you work you learn a lot of new things, sometimes, you even attend diploma classes and get experience certificates. As the job market is always keen to hire the most qualified and skillful person, you should keep learning new skills and keep adding them to your resume for better jobs, in the future. Try to make a job-specific resume every time you apply for a new job.

Proofreading Is A Must

Grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and spacing mistakes may end up in the rejection of your job application. So, instead of submitting your resume without proofreading, you should hire a professional proofreader and let him check your resume for quality. A proofreader makes sure that the sentences are structured well and that there is no spelling mistake, grammar issues, or spacing problems in your resume.

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