How long to write a 2000-word essay with references?

How Long to Write 2000-word Essay with References?


Writing a 2000-word essay with references might appear to be a daunting errand, yet with the right methodology and successful procedures, it tends to be a manageable and, even, enjoyable interaction. A 2000-word essay is 7 pages in length twofold separate and 3 ½ pages single-divide. You will require approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes to finish this piece of composing. In this comprehensive guide, we will research the different phases of essay writing, giving bits of knowledge into the time expected for each step, alongside significant tips to improve your efficiency.

Understanding the Assignment

Before diving into the writing cycle, it’s pivotal to comprehend the assignment completely. Separate the essay brief, distinguish key prerequisites, and lay out a reasonable thesis statement. This initial step sets the establishment for the whole writing cycle.

Time Required: 1-2 hours

Number of Paragraphs in a 2000-Word Essay?

Typically, a 2000-word is divide into at least 12 sections. This depends on the guideline that one section approaches 150 words. If you utilize more limit paragraphs of 100 words each, a 2000-word will be divide into 20 sections.

Research and Planning

The research stage is a critical part of any essay. Gather important sources, take careful notes, and make a blueprint to coordinate your thoughts. A well-structured plan fundamentally smoother the subsequent writing stages.

Time Required: 4-6 hours

First Draft:

With a solid plan set up, begin making your first draft. Focus on writing your thoughts down without worrying a lot about perfection. This stage is tied in with producing content and laying out a cohesive stream.

Time Required: 5-8 hours

Editing and Revision

Once the main draft is complete, have some time off before plunging into the editing system. Revise your content for lucidity, cognizance, and overall viability. Focus on language, accentuation, and the general structure of your essay.

Time Required: 3-5 hours

Incorporating References

Integrating references is a basic move toward academic writing. citation that your references are exact, significant, and appropriately formatted by the expected reference style (APA, MLA, Chicago, and so forth.). This step might take more if you’re curious about the citation style.

Time Required: 2-4 hours

Final Draft

After incorporating references and making vital edits, work on your last draft. Best Essay Writing Services in Dubai guarantee that your essay meets every one of the necessities, follows the rules and keeps a polished, proficient tone.

Time Required: 2-3 hours


Proofreading is the last line of guard against errors. Peruse your essay cautiously, checking for errors, grammatical slip-ups, and consistency. Think about looking for a second set of eyes for a new point of view.

Time Required: 1-2 hours

How Many References Should Be in a 2000-Word Essay?

12-40 references ought to be included in a 2000-word paper. Somewhere around one reference ought to be thought of for each section of the essay. This is generally optional after three sentences in the paragraph being referred to.

What are references? While writing an essay, reference sources are generally thought of for a separate page after the document. These sources are talked about all throughout the essay as per the referencing styles expect for the topic.

What is the Cost of a 2000-word Essay?

A 2000-word essay will cost an average of $140. Writers charging $10 per page will demand at least 70 dollars, however, brilliant writers may occasionally demand more noteworthy compensation for quality services and will request $140+ for the work.

Final Thoughts

Writing a 2000-word essay with references is an expertise that can be done with practice and a systematic methodology. By separating the process into sensible advances and following the tips provided, you might not just meet the assignment prerequisites at any point but additionally improve your general writing qualification. Keep in mind that proficiency accompanies insight, so embrace each essay as a valuable chance to refine your abilities and express your thoughts with lucidity and accuracy.

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