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In UAE: How To Get Nursing Scholarships For Female Students

The whole world knows that in all health care providing professions the most important is that of a nurse. No disease or wound can be cured without proper care and that care is provided by none other than a nurse. The job of a doctor is to diagnose and prescribe medication for a patient and that of a nurse is to make sure that the patient takes the medication on time, stays away from the things not permitted and eats the food recommended by the doctor. With increasing numbers of hospitals all over the world the need of nurses is also on rapid increase. To deal with this situation the government of UAE has announced nursing scholarships for male a female students. The main idea behind this scholarship is to facilitate the people from weak financial background join the profession of nursing and change their lives positively.

Nursing Scholarship For Females

One of the most less talked about professions of all times is that of a nurse. Over the past few years the world has experienced many new things and one such thing is the shortage of nurses. Though it is USA or Europe, Asia or UAE the shortage of nurses was felt during and even after the pandemic of Covid 19. There was a time when the nursing scholarship was preferably awarded to the male students, but today both male and female students are permitted to study in the universities of UAE. There are certain requirements that have to be met to claim the scholarship. It is a truth that nursing education is so tough that students Essay Writing Services UAE – Assignment Writer.

According to a report published by the world health organization after the outbreak of Pandemic of Covid 19 the world was short of more than 6 million nurses. This shortage was experienced in the underdeveloped and developing countries. With advancement of health care facilities in UAE the need for health care staff also increased and the government announced scholarship for economically weaker section of the society (EWS). Since the announcement of scholarship hundreds of new students have been registering for the nursing scholarship.

Most of the nursing scholarships are available for the local residents of UAE. Nursing scholarships are available for both the genders but the requirements for nursing scholarships may vary from institution to institution. The requirements for nursing scholarship that are common among most of the institutions are:

• The students applying for nursing scholarship should be nationals of UAE.

• Each students applying for the scholarship should have at least 3.0 GPA.

• The student must have completed the general secondary stage with at least 75% in the advanced section and more than 80% in the general section.

In some universities, more preference is given your academic performance but in others GPA is the criteria for getting admitted to a good university. So, if you want to get enrolled for a scholarship for nursing you should comply with the requirements of the institution they want to get enrolled with.

Need Of Female Nurses

The demand for female nurses is far more than that of males as there are many fields of medical sciences where the female nurses work more efficiently than men. For example, in pediatrics and gynecology. The female nurses are very much in demand as compare to the male nurses as there still are thousands of male nurses offering their services all over the world. According to some studies majority of patient especially female patient prefer being attended by the female nurses. The female patients and babies need special care and feel more at ease with female nurses.

Many countries did an experiment in which the male nurses were hired for different tasks in a hospital. Majority of patients rejected this idea saying they are not at ease with the male nurse. In the places, like UAE and certain countries of Asia like India, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh and many other Islamic countries the practice of hiring male nurses is only limited to the male wards. Male nurses are very helpful when it is about shifting a patient from one bed to another or on to a stretcher. The male nurses are very much in demand in orthopedic wards and psychiatry wards where the patients get out of control and powerful men can help in handling them and confining them to their limited places.

There is no comparison between male and female nurses as both are equally important and they should work together as learn from each other experience. But as long as it is a women’s ward in any hospital of UAE the male nurses cannot serve in female wards. Patients often prefer female nurses as they can feel the maternal fee coming from them. They feel that female nurses are more compassionate and understanding than the male ones. When it is about bathing of the patients or changing their clothes or diapers the male patients are more comfortable with male nurses but the female patients just think it as an intrusion to the privacy and so like a female nurse to attend them. The female patients can freely discuss their issues with the female nurse and same goes for male patients.

Many doctors who examine female patients for pelvic issues and breast cancer need the help of a nurse and are provided with the type of nurses they are comfortable with. In the western world a very few people care whether the nurse is a male or a female. But in many countries the demand of practitioner nurses is increasing day by day.

Contribution Of UAE In Helping Produce More Nurses

Many organizations like Ataya have been helping the economically weak students get nursing education. Recently, they have offered the nursing scholarship to 200 individuals with fully paid academic and residence and pays them some money to meet their other needs. Since the announcement of this scholarship hundreds of applicants have come forward.

In the near future with positive contribution from UAE the world will come out of the shortage of nursing and the health care department with never suffer.

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